"His practice is mystical, and it’s ironic, but he is being serious. Niko is, himself, a collaboration. I have come to think of his individual artistic practice as a collective, even when it is only Niko working in collaboration with himself. He’s an enterprising entity – a locus for a conflation of cryptography, mythology and symbology, the dry sterility of corporate aesthetics, modernism and postmodernism, material and immaterial speculation, time travel, as well as skeuomorphism, decentralised structures and other aspects concerning all that is digital."

Chris Fitzpatrick
former director, Kunstverein Munich

"The dialogue between the past, present, and future finds a form in Niko Abramidis’ solo exhibition GENHR at Salzburger Kunstverein. GENHR encapsulates Abramidis’ fascinations with a speculative archaeology of the future while delving into the mystique of human and machine synergies. Abramidis’ engagement with machines forms a substantial crux in his works, transforming them into cohorts in his practice. The works in GENHR present a tableau of interfaces ranging from embroidery machines to AI algorithms. The alliance with technology doesn’t replace human capabilities but extends them, and in so doing spawns myriad expressions not bound by traditional mediums. GENHR welcomes contemplation on our current societal fabric and echoes it in resonating into the future. Niko Abramidis provides an invitation to delve into this intricately woven narrative: to unearth, interpret, and perhaps contribute to today’s hieroglyphs for tomorrow’s archaeologists."

Mirela Baciak
director, Salzburger Kunstverein