Global Goal Bringer/ steel, spraypaint/ 59×71/ 2018


Glob Snak/ Aluminium, Ytong, Smartphonedummy, 145x150x25cm/ 2018

eye and artifact/ spray paint, embroidery, canvas/ 130x115cm/ 2018

Privacy of Correspondence / acrylics, spray paint, embroidery, canvas/ 58 × 38 cm/ 2017

Global Anteater/ acrylic paint, spray paint, embroidery, canvas/ 58 × 38 cm/ 2018

Climax Eater/ spray paint, embroidery, canvas/ 42 x 30 cm/ 2018

omega cup/ embroidery, acrylics on canvas/ 21×21 cm/ 2017

Dark Dollar Lord/ pencil, paper/ 2018

2nd Sun Society/  embroidery, fabric/125x220cm/ 2017

ancient creature/ embroidery, acrylics, canvas/ 2017

creatures boss principles/ embroidery, acrylics on canvas/ 45×45 cm/ 2017

Global Desert/ spray paint, embroidery, canvas/ 58 x 38 cm/ 2017

Hybris (Snake&Dog)/ embroidery on towel, waterblasted marble/ 2016

C.R.E.A.M/ sublimationprint, chair/ 2016

Trade Secret/ ipad dummy, laser/ 2016





eternal culture dogs


Le Voyage d’Hermes/ 318x445cm/ sublimationprint, voile/ 2015


3000 Years Agenda Desk/ 120x70x75cm/ 2015

MASTER&SCALE/ installationview/ 2015

hybrid office/ c-print/ 2014

hybrid office/ 46x64cm/ fine art print/ 2014


she’s from a world of darkness/ 30x21cm/ monograph/ 2014


when my eyes are no longer hurting I will go to Brasilia/ drawing/ 20x30cm/ 2014